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Hello, I'm Madeleine! Yes, the one from cookie run. I also go by Mads or Maddy. I'm gay, polyamorous, and genderfaun! I am part of a DID system, so please be understanding if I dont reply to messages ASAP.
I really like animals! I love going on walks and telling people useless facts about animals. It's my special interest. I really love horses, cats, birds, and rodents! I own 5 cats. Yes you can see photos of them, I'd love to introduce them to people.


-- I'm Madeleine cookie. If that makes you uncomfortable, I would suggest not following me.

-- We have introjects that have formed over past hyperfixtations. Introjects don't just disappear after a hyperfixation is over.

-- I'm a furry, a spiritual therian, and I'm a Pagan witch. I will post content about it now and then!

-- Something I enjoy is collecting things like bones, specimens, taxidermy, etc. I will put a CW for these things when I post them.

-- I'm neurodivergent and I've been a special ed student for my whole life, so please be respectful.

-- I tend to be very hyper, especially if i'm comfortable around people. If I ever overwhelm you, I'm sorry. /g

— Please don’t ask for “proof of diagnoses”
— Please don’t ask about our trauma, that’s our own personal information
— Don’t vent to me without asking
— Avoid telling me your head canons about me, please
— Don’t ship me with anyone other than my partner
More can be found here!

My pronouns page!

Hi this is for my beloved partner, Viktor <3
I love you so so much!! I know I tell you that every day, but ofc I need to say it more. I don't know where I'd be without you. You mean so much to me, I hope you know that. I will always be here for you. I'm so happy we met. I love you!! <33